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Yo Yo Fishing Reel

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Yo Yo Fishing Reel Summary

Mechanical Fishing "Yo-Yo" Automatic Reel System

These are the Best reels on the market. The Stainless Steel Spring is the best choice for Fisherman, Preppers, Survivalists and Hunters. They're very easy to use. Simply attach to the object of your choice, bait the hook, set depth and trigger, then wait. The Mechanical Fisher does the rest. It sets the hook, and retrieves the fish! Kind of like a mouse trap for Fish, but these do not kill the fish.

This automatic fishing reel is great for docks, boats, or bank lines because the hook is set without you being there. Galvanized reel features stainless steel springs. This reel with 60 lb. test line.

They are made in the USA in Arkansas.
Pre-Spooled with 9' to 12' of 60 pound test nylon, and a 24 inch drop to attach the reel to the tree limb, dock, or object. 

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