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Titanium Ball Chain

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Titanium Ball Chain Summary

TITANIUM BEADED CHAIN has 3mm diameter balls, larger than most stainless steel chains.

This titanium chain is in continuous lengths so it can be cut to any size customers might want.

We were unable to source “titanium connectors” but the stainless steel connectors that are included are non-magnetic and look the same as titanium would.

SOLD BY INCH (for £1.99 you will get ONE inch and one stainless steel connector)

If you need 22" chain than order 22 units of the product and you will get 22" long titanium chain with connector(stainless steel).

Please note: this product is not returnable as each chain is cutted individually for the customer order/request.

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4 product stars
Disconnected - Tom - 31/03/2013
Very Nice Chain - 5 of 5 - but the Connector is made of cheap Tin- Material NOT Stainless Steel and its rust-stained after 2 Days... P.S. there ARE Titanium Connectors available on the Market !