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Titanium Sail Needle v2

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Titanium Sail Needle v2 Summary

All new Titanium Sail Needle v2

Can be used for all heavy duty sewing repairs , Awnings , Sails , Leather Canvas etc

118mm long
3.4mm in diameter
Made out of Titanium so it will never rust.

Made exclusively for Survival Depot

The Titanium Sail Needle v2 is designed in England and made exclusively for Survival Depot Ltd. They are made out of Gr2 Titanium with reduced edges, triangular points and long eyes for easy threading. Sailmakers use a triangular shank needle to open a rather large hole in the fabric. That cuts down on chafe problems when pulling a long length of twine through the sail again and again.

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5 product stars
Very strong and sharp, could sew leather , no problem. Got 4 of them, very happy.

5 product stars
GREAT NEEDLE - Bob - 01/12/2014
Heavy duty needle that I don't see breaking. Much larger and sturdier than what you can find at a sewing shop. Quite impressive!