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Blade Tech Tek-Lok Clip

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Blade Tech Tek-Lok Clip Summary

Blade Tech Tek-Lok Clip

It's multi-functional in its application, can be mounted to virtually any kind of product or product carry system, at almost any angle. 

With the simple motion of a thumb or finger, the redundant lock rotates out of the way to allow the user to pinch the retaining tabs and conveniently remove the Tek-Lok from the belt. 

Mini Tek-Lok will accommodate belts from 1.5" and smaller. 
Measures 1.5" x 2"

Large Tek-Lok will 
accommodate belts from 2.25” down to 1.25”. Measures 2" x 2 3/4"

Hardware included in this set are as follows; (3) 3/16” posts, (3) ¼” screws and (2) 1/8” spacers. 

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2 product stars
Sorry, not what I expected - DG - 14/04/2018
Note the Mini is NOT simply a smaller version of the Large one. There are no adjustable bars for different width belts, no rotating lock and on mine one of the two prongs you squeeze to open and shut the device did not fully engage with the retaining hooks on the other half. In pushing the prong out to engage properly I broke it clean off: the plastic is fairly brittle. The prong might have gripped fully were not a screw and spacer wedged in the device on arrival rather than packaged separately: over time they could have deformed the prong. Two lengths of screw are provided but they are all countersunk and so will not grip any sheath slots for a diagonal carry.