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Tec UFO Uni-Flex Organizer

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Tec UFO Uni-Flex Organizer Summary

The UFO (or Universal Flex Organizer) is a ring of titanium with 8 equally spaced holes around the perimeter for attaching gear. When hanging from the TEC P-7 Suspension Clip, it helps to flatten out the items instead of hanging in one large bunch.

It could be used with a P-7 clip as shown, or as a zipper pull with 2-3 items attached for convenience (Isotope and PicoPen for example).

Use it to keep your house keys and work keys separate, or even as a key ring that keeps all items separated. It could also be used with paracord looped through the center. It's shape makes it about as versatile as possible. However you want to organize your gear, the UFO can play a part in making it work for you!

The UFO is made of extremely hard 6Al-4V titanium. Titanium is known for its corrosion resistance, and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It is typically described as having the strength of steel with a weight comparable to aluminum.

Size: 22mm OD (.866") x 14mm (.551") ID x 3mm (.118") thick Holes: 2.5mm (.098") thru. Material: Ti-6Al-4V titanium
Weight: 2.4 grams
Finish: Subtle stone wash (non-uniform scratches that give it a non-reflective matte surface finish)

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5 product stars
Super useful - Petzl - 28/07/2014
This is made of Ti so its barely noticed except as it organizes my keychain to be spread out better. Works perfect with a P7 pocket clip, python clips for gear and oval split rings. TEC makes useful products.