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Swiss Advance Pocket Knife Tool

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Swiss Advance Pocket Knife Tool Summary

The CRONO pocket knife is ideal to have it always with you. Its small and fine construction is maybe not made for prolonged use, but it’s perfect companion.  An experienced handling with the knife, like with all knives, is recommended. Especially because the knife and awl are sent to Solingen in Germany for the special sharpening. The economical material use and its simple interlock mechanism makes it extremely light and flat. You can easily fan it out by a right movement. Using your fingernails for that is a thing of the past.

This product is laser cut in Switzerland in small editions, trowalized and assembled by hand. We obtain the materials from Germany.

• Features Nail drawer, wire stripper, cm-scale, hexagon (4x), knife blade, bradawl and
sewing, awl, square (1x), fork, square (1x),screwdriver, bottle opener, fish scaler
• Measures 166 x 15 x 5 mm
• Weight 0.038 kg
• Material 1.4310 sheet 1, strain-hardened spring steel with a quality of stainless steel, rust-free

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