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Stay Alert US Military Gum

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Stay Alert US Military Gum Summary

Developed and proven effective by U.S. Military (NSN: 8925-01-530-1219) exclusively for use by the Military and Security Agencies.

Begins working instantly...Through oral absorption, chewing one piece delivers 100 mg of caffeine five times faster than pills or coffee.

STAY ALERT received the Army's Greatest Invention of the Year Award for 2005.

The STAY ALERT formula was selected by the U.S. Military for use in First Strike Rations by Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Special Forces.

Recommended by The National Academy of Sciences for situations requiring fast action.

STAY ALERT GUM has had tremendous success in supporting our troops in the Middle East. First Responders, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Security Personnel have also found STAY ALERT GUM to be a powerful, compact, fast acting tool for stopping fatigue.

Available in three flavors: Arctic Mint, Cinnamon, Spearmint

Pack of 5 pieces.

Stay Alert's National Stock Number (NSN #8925-01-530-1219)

Made in the USA

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