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SD Titanium Tool Card

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SD Titanium Tool Card Summary

Everybody should have one of these in their purse, pocket or survial kit.
It is small, lightweight (Titanium Ti6Al4V) corrosion proof, has thousands of uses, and will last forever.

It is made from titanium Gr5, arrows and prybar will not fall out by itself, you will need to apply force in order to break arrows and prybar out of card.

Two arrowheads for emergacy hunting.
Mini prybar to safe your knife's blade.
1/4 Wrench (one on the card and another on the prybar)
Flat screwdriver (one of the end of the prubar)
Lanyar hole

Lenght: 85mm
Width: 54mm
Thikness: 2mm

Weight: 38 grams

Design by SD
Made exclusively for Survival Depot

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Customer Reviews
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4 product stars
great...but hard to remove - John - 23/10/2016
PROS: - very well constructed and conceived...not thin or whimpy/cheap. - truly credit card size...fits well in small survival kit - Sharp enough out of the box to kill something (that is the point (lol) isn't it?) CONS - as above reviewer stated, VERY hard to break free. I am following his advice about either gaffer tape or trying silicone. - the arrows could perhaps have 2 holes strategically placed to assist in affixing them with cord. (I bought the dog-tag version for a friend..and the opposite was true...that thing popped out by accident with only light to moderate i was a gift for him, I felt a complete ass, as i was trying to show him how difficult it was to break out the arrows..)

4 product stars
Good but.... - Andrew Tees - 27/06/2012
The two arrow heads have very sharp points but the edges are not so sharp. The pry bar is very solid for it's size and all items are very functional. The only problem with the kit is the parts are VERY difficult to remove from the card. So difficult that you might not be able to do it in the field with out other tools. So I have removed all three items and then gaffer taped them back into the frame for easy carrying and use.