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Pocket Ti Pay Bar

Pocket Ti Pay Bar
5 product stars

Pocket Ti Pay Bar Summary

SD Pocket Titanium Pay Bar made from 6al4v Titanium.

Tool features a prying tip on one end and a nail puller on the other end.

This pry bar is thicker and longer than our SD Titanium Pry Bar.

This tool is still great for doing anything you don't want to punish your fingers or fingernails to do - prying, scraping, scoring the tape to open a box, etc...
Save damage to that expensive pocket knife.

Perfect size for pocket.

This is a robust tool that can be put to use in more ways than you will imagine once you carry it.

Length 110mm
Width 14mm
Thickness 3mm
Weight 19g

-pry bar
-nail puller
-package opener
-1/4 hex bit holder
-metric and imperial ruler

Design by Survival Depot
Made exclusively for Survival Depot

Product pictures: Ru Titley Knives

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Customer Reviews
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4 product stars
Nice but not easy to hold - Pablo - 29/10/2016
I like this,it's nice quality titanium and is nicely machined. It has a nice finish and the way it is machined is very accurate. However it does not have bevelled edges and is quite uncomfortable to hold for any use. I solved this partially by wrapping in 550paracord.

5 product stars
Excellent don't leave home without it! - Jonathan Hall - 09/08/2016
What a fantastic bit of kit this is!!!!!! First job I used it for was to strip the trim panels from my fathers Ford Focus, I thought it may be to short for the job but the angle the pry end is cut at made it a breeze. I have also used it to pry the top of my friends car door open just enough to slip in a loop to open the car after she locked her keys inside. This is now as much of my E.D.C. As my knife or my phone!!!

5 product stars
Well crafted - Blackscorpion - 25/03/2016
A nice, well machined little gadget. Ruler is well defined & looks laser etched. Happy with my purchase. Received it in a few days after ordering.

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