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Pandemic Mask FFP3/N99

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Pandemic Mask FFP3/N99 Summary

These masks are CE approved and EN149:2001 compliant.
This mask will give the wearer full protection from both bird and swine flu.

The World Health Organisation is recommending NIOSH certified N95 respirators. The UK equivalent of this is FFP2. FFP2 respirator: (92% filtering efficiency)

The UK's Health And Safety Executive are recommending the use of an FFP3 approved mask.
FFP3 respirator: (98% filtering efficiency)

Please Note: Purchasing standard medical face masks or nuisance dust masks from your local DIY store offer zero protection. You require FFP2 protection level at minimum.

These protective face masks are FFP3 CE EN149:2001 standard for the UK and are the most recent efficient respiratory masks available in the EU, and offer the highest level of protection available. These masks come individually wrapped & each FFP3 face mask also has an exhalation valve for comfort to reduce heat build-up or for prolonged periods.

Keep in your suit pocket, etc. Valved Model - Protects against Swine flu, bird flu, viruses, biological agents, anthrax, high toxicity dusts, fibres, solid and liquid aerosols.

The exhalation valve reduces heat and moisture inside the mask. It also provides more comfortable breathing and helps prevent eyeglass fogging. If you plan to wear the mask for several hours, on an overseas flight for example, this valve lets your moist breath escape, minimizing skin irritation.

These respirators can also provide protection against: Asbestos, calcium carbonate, china clay, cement, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, flour, carbon, ferrous metals, hardwood, silicon, plastic, vegetable oils and mineral oils, copper, aluminum, bacteria, fungi, Mould spores and mycobacterium tuberculosis (T.B.), chromium, manganese, nickel, platinum, strychnine, metal dust and smoke, viruses such as Avian flu and enzymes.

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