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Micro Paracord

Micro Paracord
5 product stars

Micro Paracord Summary

It looks & feels just like regular paracord, but is a lot thinner; meaning that you can reduce the bulk by about 1/2 for the same functionality.
Even though it's significantly thinner, it still handles well.
The strength is 100 lb. test-more than strong enough for typical camp duty.

Colours availale: Balck, Orange, Olive Drab, Acid Yellow and Green

Diameter of 2mm (+/- 0.1mm) 
Break Strength of over 100 pounds
100ft+ Spools
UV Resistant 
Colours won't bleed or run when wet 
Low Shrink & Stretch Rate 
Tight Nylon Outer Sheath 
Single Tight Twist Inner Core 
Mildew & Rot Resistant
100% Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Surprised and now a fan - Zoe - 28/12/2015
So clearly I wasn't paying attention when I ordered this, as I was half expecting for 100ft or so to arrive, so was very surprised for the price to get a whole reel. I was rather critical about this product as I'm a pretty strong advocate of 550 cord, this purchase changed my perception. For lashing and construction of my bushcraft purposes means 100lb is sufficient and the bulk loss means I can keep 12ft in my EDC easily and wrapped 13ft around a Mora sheath with ease. Also went for a high vis orange but it's more a rusty orange tint - as pointed about by another purchaser

5 product stars
anorexic paracord - daveO - 24/04/2012
It's paracord but skinny. I just wanted to write a review to say the orange isn't very bright, more like a burnt orange/brown. If you need high vis then probably best to go with another colour option.

5 product stars
it's tough. - Ludwell01 - 26/02/2012
This micro paracord is tough stuff. Perfect for thin lanyards for knives / flashlights and other general camping/hiking tomfoolery. it has a single inner core which can be removed and split into it's fibre form (will work as fine thread or fishing line also it is really easy to set light to so could be used as an emergency tinder. I like this product a lot :)

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