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LOKsak Multi Packs

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LOKsak Multi Packs Summary

Used by: The Boy Scouts of America, Army Air Force Exchange Services,FEMA andtheFBIHazmet department.
  • ALOKSAK keeps items dry under water to depths below 200 feet/60 meters for periods of years.
  • Soft-sided - Safe, shatterproof, quiet, holds oddly shaped objects.
  • Easy to use - Simple as using a typical zip-closure type bag, but the liquid tight protection of a hard case box . Other soft-sided systems require several steps to close and are not guaranteed to be air or liquid-tight.
  • Durable - The 6 mil. film of the ALOKSAK is on par with PVC of the same thickness in terms of durability, but has a lower cold-crack tolerance (minus 40 F.) than that of PVC / Vinyl (0 degrees F.).
  • What goes in an ALOKSAK - Anything that needs protection from the elements, for example: Wallets, Medications, Passports, Remote Keyless entry devices, Documents, Silver, Cell phones, Maps, Palm-Pilots, Books, Film, Food, Batteries, GPS, Jewelry, Clothing, items, Cash, Tapes, CDs. Find out about some of the more extreme uses for the ALOKSAK.
  • Great freezer bags!
  • Protect toiletries from spilling in travel bags.
  • Food or ice bags for coolers to protect food from melting ice.
  • Inflate them for a pillow cushion.
  • Most electronics can be used while protected in the ALOKSAK. No need to remove a cell phone to talk and if the bag drops, it floats!
  • Waterproof and dust proof
  • Submersible beyond 200 feet
  • Flexible and shatterproof
  • Clear view of contents
  • FDA approved material
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Cold rated to -40° F
  • Prevents freezer burn
Available in three sizes:
Small: (SET OF 4 - 5X4, 4X7, 6X6, 9X6)
Medium: (SET OF 4 - 4X7, 6X6, 9X6, 12X12)
Large: (SET OF 3 - 12X12, 13X11, 16X24)

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