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Laser Line 200 - Spools

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Laser Line 200 Lb. tensile strength - Three stranded twisted torque balanced Kevlar® base with proprietary polyurethane double coating with a low friction finish impregnated into the cord. This is the ultimate cord for use in extreme conditions.  

Current applications include:

  • High-performance medium weight stunt kites.
  • Military uses in ocean environments.
  • Strain relief in optical cables.
  • Target suspension.
  • Optical cable strain relief.
  • Robotic actuation cabling

Product specifications:

Core Material Kevlar® 
Coating Proprietary
Denier 5,460.86
Yield per LB (2452 ft) - (747.4 m)
Tensile Strength (LBS) 205 
Elongation 3.90%   
Diameter (0.033 in) - (0.84 mm)
Production Color Orange
Item Number Bkev20-spl(250)
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