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Klecker Klax Key Brass

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The KLAX Key is more than just a key. Like its big brother the KLAX®, the KLAX Key is multifunction tool, but this is one that you can carry on your key chain.

Of course you have to have the key ground first to match your door lock. Then it'll open only one lock. If we were evil geniuses then it would open more locks...but we aren't. Sorry.

The handy rear slot is for engaging with your key chain, leaving the rest of the KLAX Key free to do its job.

The integrated hex wrench slots will help you with some of your smaller jobs by turning those wee nuts that need to be tighten. But the largest of them is a fully functional 1/4" Hex Bit Driver and will take any standard sized Bits, making it possible to do many repairs on the go without a full sized screwdriver.

The blade of the Axe (just the tip) is sharpened almost enough to serve as a simple box cutter and the edge works great as a serious scraper, but if you are daring you can try to chop down a leprechaun-sized Christmas tree (maybe). If you happen to be a leprechaun then this will serve well as a full-sized axe. Now you can be a lumberjack like you always wanted.

Below the blade edge is a little hook build to help dislodge those nasty caps that prevent beverages from escaping bottles. Use this little hook and bring freedom to all of those poor trapped carbonated beverages.

But the most amazing feature of this little tool is on the shank. If you've seen the KLAX® Lumberjack then you know if you want to get through a door, you are going to have to bust through it and there will be lots of noise and splinters as a result. With this little bad boy, The KLAX Key, you will get through that same door without making a sound and not a single splinter. It is finely crafted to go into the Kwikset lock (KW1 Lock Profile) and open a door in mere seconds.

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5 product stars
Klecker key - Brian - 09/12/2016
Nice piece of kit to be back up of a back up BUT .. not designed to be ground to Yale lock (most common British lock ) specifics...