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Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator/Watermaker

Katadyn Survivor 06
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Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator/Watermaker Summary

Katadyn Watermakers Survivor 06

The world's smallest desalinator. Emergency tool for inflatable life-rafts and overboard bags.
For 1 to 6 people. Also suitable for sea kayaking.

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Hand operated desalinator for 1-6 people
Optimum pump frequency: 40 pumps per minute
Approved by the US coastal guard and used by army troops worldwide
Prescribed equipment for "Around-Alone" sailing regatta

The world's smallest desalinator > find space for it anywhere
Provides 0.89 litres of water per hour > ensures survival in an emergency
High energy efficiency > pumping does not require much effort
Can be operated manually > not dependant on electricity
Durable design > extremely reliable and long lide
Weighs only 1.13kg > ideal wherever minimum weight is an issue

Technology: Reverse Osmosis - to remove dissolved salts from seawater with reverse osmosis, part of the salt water is filtered through a semipermeable membrane. Only 10% of the water passes through the membrane. The remaining 90% flow past the membrane and at the same time cleans the membrane (self-cleaning effect). The small size of the "membrane pores" ensures the extremely pure drinking water, but extremely high pressures must be generated - normally 55 bar.Salt Rejection: 98.4% on average (93.5% minimum. The desalination degree effect depends on different influence factors such as pressure, throughput and the quality of water)Flow: 0.89l/h +/- 15%

Dimensions: 12.7 X 20.3 X 6.4 cm

Guarantee: 1 year

Material: Pump - stainles steel, plastics.

Membrane approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Article No: 8013418 with biocide. 8013419 without biocide.

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