Katadyn Mybottle Water Purifier

Katadyn Mybottle Water Purifier
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Katadyn Mybottle Water Purifier Summary

Katadyn Mybottle Water Purifier - Blue (Blue Splash)

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier is the ingenious drinking bottle with an integrated virus filter. It enables the purification of drinking water at any time and anywhere – there’s no need for pumping. Ideal for small quantities, e.g. when hiking, traveling or playing sport. A fiberglass pre-filter removes bacteria and protozoa as well as particles larger than 0.3 microns The new 3-layer filter medium ViruPur blocks viruses and the smallest particles based on electrokinetic depth filtration. The MyBottle doesn’t require chemicals or batteries.

•  Convenient: Drinking bottle and virus filter in one.
•  Designed for untreated, clear water, e.g. from lakes, rivers, mountain springs, or streams. Turbid water should only be filtered in exceptional cases.
•  Provides effective protection against pathogens which may still be present in the tap water in many countries.
• Hold the MyBottle in an upright position during drinking to allow the water to flow through the 3 filter stages.
• Only suitable for the filtration of water. Carbonated beverages or beverages with flavorings may damage the ViruPur virus filter.
• The integrated counting mechanism indicates when the filter must be replaced.
• Includes drinking straw for use of the bottle without the filter if water is filled in which has already been treated and is safe.
• The MyBottle does not require any chemical agents or batteries and is suitable for washing in dishwashers (without filter elements).

•  Novel ViruPur 3-layer filter medium with wide action range > eliminates even viruses
•  With activated carbon granules > for fresh water taste
•  Filtration by slight hand pressure > makes water available immediately and without requiring pumping
•  Can also be used as a drinking bottle without filter > very eco-friendly solution
•  Convenient suspender on the lid > allows the MyBottle to be carried and fastened with ease

Bottle Capacity 600 ml with filter
Cartridge Capacityup to 100 liters, depending on water quality
Height 26.5 cm
TechnologyViruPur glassfiber filter with depth filtration, fiberglass pre-filter and carbon filter
Weight 260 g

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