Freeplay Companion Emergency Radio

Freeplay Companion Emergency Radio
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Freeplay Companion Emergency Radio Summary

A compact FM/AM radio, flashlight and mobile phone charger. Ideal for rapid deployment in emergencies. Self-charge, solar and external recharge options.

- Provides instant access to information, communication and light.

- Self-charge, solar and external recharge options.

- Promises assured listening anytime, anywhere.

- Designed to work in off-grid situations.

- Rugged, long-lasting and efficient.

A glass-reinforced nylon handle with comfortable knob harnesses human energy by cranking. The handle is connected to the 3-phase alternator via a transmission.

A polycrystalline 3.6V 20mA solar panel is integrated into the radio. This serves to play the radio or to charge its batteries without having to wind.

The Companion may also be fully recharged via a standard USB cable.

A rechargeable NiMH 3 cell battery pack stores the energy generated from human and solar power. The radio will play for 20 to 30 minutes at good volume per 30-second wind.

The Companion has three ultra-bright LEDs built into a flashlight feature on the side of the radio. When switched on these LEDs provide a useful beam of light.

If selected as an option, the radio may be recharged by standard USB cable.

The Companion has a power-out socket that delivers power from the alternator to a mobile phone. Connectivity is via a cable with adaptor tips customised for each particular mobile phone.
Adaptor tips are not included.

4cm 1 W, 8-ohm loudspeaker

FM: Telescopic antenna
AM (MW): internal ferrite rod antenna.

FM: 88-108 Mhz
AM (MW): 520-1700 kHz

Height: 63mm
Width: 130mm
Depth: 45mm
Weight: 220g

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