Keyring FireSteel & Tinder Vial Combo

Keyring FireSteel & Tinder Vial Combo
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Keyring FireSteel & Tinder Vial Combo Summary

A survival fire starting device is only useful, IF... you actually have it with you when needed.
Now, there is no excuse for being in the wilderness without a personal fire starting device.
Our new Mini FireSteel & Tinder Vial Combo is a wearable ferrocerium rod that is so convenient and light weight, you won't even know it there .... until you need it and Tinder vial is exactly the right size to contain cotton balls.

Backpackers are very concerned about the weight of their gear.
Our new anodized aluminum FireSteel weighs in at 12 grams ( 0.026 ounces ).
Available in Red
Attach it to your keys or gear. Use it as a zipper pull or wear it as a pendant.
The fire steel rod unscrews from the holder and can be reversed to form a convenient handle.
CNC machined from ultralight weight aluminum.

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