EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool

EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool
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EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool Summary

Pocket Bellows an Ancient Fire Starting Technology Molded into a Modern Telescopic Hand Tool.

Fire bellowing may make fire starting with dry firewood pretty much foolproof, but like all worthy survival techniques, fire bellowing to wet fuels requires practice.

Being prepared means understanding how to maximize the effectiveness of the tools at your disposal, and even though fire bellowing isn't rocket science, you don't want to find yourself overcoming the learning curve when it counts. 

Practice makes perfect my fellow bellowers.
Start Rolling Fires with Wet or Dry Firewood In Moments
Gives Distance / Keeps Your Face Away from the Fire when Adding Oxygen
Compresses & Pin-Point Focuses Oxygen Directly Into a Fire
Use It At Home For Your Fireplace, Firepits, or BBQ's
Collapses to 3.5 inches For Easy Stowing
Weighs Less Than 1 oz

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