ELSAN Elsil Drinking Water Purifier

ELSAN Elsil Drinking Water Purifier
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ELSAN Elsil Drinking Water Purifier Summary

ELSAN Elsil drinking water purifier
Always add Elsil to your water to keep it freshand wholesome.
Elsil is unique because it is effective againstall micro-organisms, yet contains no chlorine,after taste or odour. It is ideal for caravaning, camping, sailing,trekking, long term food storage or wherever mains or bottled drinkingwater is unavtubeailable.

- Complete sterilisation for drinking water
- Effective against all organisms including bacteria, viruses, amoeba, fungi, yeasts and spores
- Odourless, tasteless and chlorine free
- Long lasting – prevents recontamination
- Ready for use within 30 minutes after treatment
- Treats up to 1000 litres of water

Elsan Elsil comes in a convenient container with a dosage chamber (5.0ml).
You also get a dropper nozzle which creates small 1.0ml drops.

Destroys harmful bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella.
Attacks all types of microrganisms including viruses,fungi and spores
Particularly effective against biofilms that Chlorinecannot treat.
World Health Organisation approved and used by them inrelief work.
Easy to use liquid supplied in pre measured bottles- used at only 1 part to 10,000.
Easy to monitor the correct level with inexpensive test strips.
Mixes totally and naturally within 30 minutes of application.
Completely unaffected by changes in temperature.
Elsil treated drinking water also sterilises tanks, pipes, pumpsand taps - no more expensive and time consumingsterilisations schedules.
Effective for up to 14 days, does not separate when still.
Totally ecological breaking down to water and oxygen.
Elsil has no odour or taste providing fresh drinking water.

When you uplift fresh water, add Elsil at 1 part in 10,000 to protect the water from organicgrowth.
Elsil is safe to drink and will providewholesome water for you and your family.
Comes in an easy-measure 100ml bottle

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