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EG Survival Capsule

EG Survival Capsule
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EG Survival Capsule Summary

EG Survival Capsule features a thoughtfully increased size that maximizes your storage capacity and makes it even easier to accommodate your survival essentials, from fish hooks, line, matches, tinder, water purification tablets to anything you may need for an emergency/survival situation.

EG Survival Capsules are relied upon by members of special operations forces, backcountry diehards, rescue crews, law enforcement and anyone who spends a lot of time in the field or has a high degree of personal preparedness.

Compact size to slip into a cargo pocket, ruck sack or be stowed anywhere easily.

Dual-end opening with its own screw on cap, and seated o-rings to provide a good water-tight seal.

• Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip
• Lanyard hole on tail cap fits 550 paracord
• Solvent resistant O-Rings offer water-tight seal
• External size: 140mm x 30mm (diameter)
• Internal size: 84mm x 21 mm (diameter)
• Weight: 99g
• Material of body and caps: 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum

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1 product stars
- Mohammed - 20/10/2016
This is the worst company to buy anything its fraud