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Crkt Art Deco Slip Joint
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Excellent knife and Excellent service! - Paul - 26/03/2015
This is a very well made knife. Appears very strong and reliable with good looks. With the locking bar stored on board there is the potential to easily hold the blade in a safer 'locked' position. This is a very cool idea however, given the slightly tactical look of the knife, there is the possibility it could fall foul of UK knife laws. At best it could be considered a 'confiscation beacon' at worst it could be argued that if you don't leave the pin at home it becomes an illegal locker in the eyes of the law. It's a grey area that you must think carefully about. Centred blade. Sharp OOTB. Easy one hand opening. Excellent QC. Tribute must be paid to the Survival Depot. I have ordered several items recently and the service had been superb. Items are in stock, communication is good and delivery is within a couple of days. I am impressed! Thank you. Excellent knife and Excellent Service!