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Rapid Deployment - Cord Grenade

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Rapid Deployment - Cord Grenade Summary

Rapid Deployment - Cord Grenade

To release the cord you firmly tug on the cord loop to and pull out an arms length of cord. You can now lob the Stash Bomb like a grenade to deploy the cord. The knotted end of the cord with stay inside so the Stash Bomb and cord will be attached; it will also float on water!

Alternatively you can hold the Stash Bomb and pull out the cord.

If you require a longer length you could use a cord with a smaller diameter such as Type 1 Paracord (Dummy Cord).

Its not shown in the photo but place insulation tape around both end caps is placed.

To load 21 feet of 7 strand GSA Compliant 550 Paracord into 3 inch stash; its a simple process and takes about 3 minutes:

  • Remove Stash Bomb end cap

  • Tie a knot in the cord and place inside the Stash Bomb

  • Thumb the 550 cord into the tube

  • With all of the cord tightly packed into the tube make a loop with the end of the cord

  • Make a 6mm hole in the other end cap

  • Push the loop through the hole

  • Secure the end cap with electrical/insulation tape

  • You now have a Cord Grenade ready for deployment


Total weight 92g.

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