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Civilian® Lab Gear Retractor

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Contemporary field tools are marvels of engineering and design. But they can't help you if they are floating to the ocean floor, or bouncing down a mountain never to be seen again. Protect your valuable investments with this simple piece of equipment.
There has been a lack of solutions for keeping gear attached to you. Lanyards get tangled and hang out to be snagged. Diving retractors are generally too heavy, bulky and expensive for light gear. Our high-strength, spring-loaded reel is a compact 35mm housing holding 2 feet of thick 2mm plastic coated steel cable.
Fitted with twin spring-gate, swiveling biners, it clips to: flashlight, folding knife, cell phone, keys, or wallet. Using a split-ring it quickly switches from tool to tool and stays out of the way till needed. It features a high-impact ABS shell, and brushed-steel, civilianlab logos on titanium color backgrounds. Reel holds 170g before extending.

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