Carbee-Sharp Pocket Sharpener

Carbee-Sharp Pocket Sharpener
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Carbee-Sharp Pocket Sharpener Summary

Small and light, fits in your pocket
Sharpen knives, garden tools, scissors
Always used dry, no need for oil or water
Used for honing or sharpening
Only 3-1/2" (89mm) long
Weighs only 18g

Made in France


The objective in using your CarBee-Sharp is to remove superfluous material from the blunt edge of a blade in order to restore sharpness. (cross section of blade…) [See Fig. 9]

Fig. 9 

You can see in this cut-away illustration those portions of a blunt knife that will be shaved away by the CarBee-Sharp to restore a sharp edge.

Unlike some sharpening systems with pre-set angles and stones, CarBee-Sharp allows you the control to follow the original factory bevel angles of whatever knife or tool you are sharpening.


Sharpening Angles

You will want to be aware of two important angles when using your CarBee-Sharp.

The first angle of importance will be the angle of attack at which the CarBee-Sharp’s cutting edge meets the blade as you stroke it along the edge of the tool you are sharpening. Normally, one will want to maintain a 10 to 20 degree angle of attack of the CarBee-Sharp relative to the direction in which the CarBee-Sharp is moving in order that the V-edge of the multi-profile carbide head meets the steel of the tool to be sharpened at the optimum angle. This will ensure that the CarBee-Sharp can give the best possible cut and finish. [See Fig. 10]


Secondly and equaly important will be the major angle of the entire length of the CarBee-Sharp relative to edge geometry of the blade being sharpened. This angle should be equal to the cutting angle that already exists on the blade of the tool being sharpened. [See Fig. 11]

Fig. 11 

It is vital never to use the "V"-profile flat on the blade, but always to stroke tilted at 10-20 degrees as in the diagram in Fig. 10

We advise using moderate pressure. You will begin to see (and feel) when the CarBee-Sharp is removing metal properly and you will soon learn to adjust the amount of applied pressure to suit the type of metal you are working on. Slow and precise movements will produce better results. Maintain the correct angles and stroke the CarBee-Sharp smoothly and repeatedly along alternate sides of the edge until the desired sharpness is obtained.


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