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BG Compact Emergency Signal Mirror

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BG Compact Emergency Signal Mirror Summary

The Compact Emergency Signal Mirror is a durable, compact metal signal mirror small enough to fit into your wallet, coin purse or pocket. It measures only 2.0" x 1.5".

One of the most important aspects of quality survival gear is the ability to always have it with you. The Compact Emergency Signal Mirror is very compact. Second, it must be durable. This survival mirror will not crack like plastic mirrors. In an emergency, you can even sharpen the edge into a cutting instrument. Last, it must do its job. Our signal 
mirror is highly reflective and can even be used as a travel mirror. 

To use this signal mirror, practice the following: First, reflect sunlight from the mirror onto your hand or some other nearby surface. 

Second, hold the mirror up to your eye, extend your other arm and form a V with two fingers. This is a front aiming sight. Sight through the hole in the mirror with the reflection visible on your front aiming sight fingers (V). 

Third, place the mirror reflection and the target in the front sight (V). Do not obscure the reflection with your fingers you are placing on the target. Last, slowly move mirror back and forth. Continue sweeping the horizon even when there are no visible search and rescue craft. More instructions on rear of Compact Emergency Signal Mirror.
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