McGizmo Titanium Clips

McGizmo Titanium Clips
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McGizmo Titanium Clips Summary

McGizmo Titanium Clip

This titanium torsion spring clip is awesome - hold it next to a stainless micro clip and it's remarkably lighter. The finish is a subtle, darker gray than the stainless version.
Works well with the 15mm ti split ring.

-Ideal for small tethers & lanyards
-Attach gear to belt loops and utility rings on packs and harnesses
-Perfect companion to many flashlights
-Quickly attach and remove small items to and from key rings.

Use this clip for your car key and attach it to full key set.

Available in two sizes:

Micro: 26mm,2g

Mini: 34mm, 3.7g

Mid: 42mm, 4.4g

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5 product stars
Great Clips - Gadgets - 11/05/2012
I purchased a couple of these and some Titanium split rings one to go with a limited edition Fenix Ti torch and one for a space pen a little pricey but for my money well worth it These clips are pure indulgence and I am so pleased I found Survival Depot for these fantastic,strong,elegant,useful clips