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X-Treme Tape

X-Treme Tape

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X-Treme Tape Summary

X-Treme Tape ® Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Tape

X-Treme Tape is the Original self-fusing silicone insulating & repair wrap.

Originally developed for U.S. Military applications, X-Treme Tape has been tested and proven in the most extreme conditions and environments. It is the most versatile and easy-to-use quik-fix emergency rescue repair tape available. X-Treme Tape withstands extremes in temperature, pressure, voltage, moisture, corrosion and contaminants.

Tests show the bonding strength of X-Treme Tape greatly exceed the Mil-Spec standard and that of competitor tapes.

X-Treme Tape is available in 1" widths, 10-ft length rolls.

X-Treme Tape:

  • Is Self-Fusing...No Adhesive
  • Withstands Over 500°F (260°C) of Heat 
  • Remains Flexible to -85°F (-60°C)
  • Has an Amazing 700 PSI Tensile Strength 
  • Insulates to 8,000 Volts per Layer 
  • Stretches 300%
  • Is Made in the USA!

    How to use X-Treme Tape

    How to use X-Treme Tape Clean the surface that will be wrapped and cut off the length of tape to be used.
    How to use X-Treme Tape Remove and discard the clear separation film. X-Treme Tape works on either side.
    How to use X-Treme Tape Hold one end of the X-Treme Tape in position against the object to be wrapped and apply a complete
    wrap around the object and back onto itself. This initial wrap secures the tape for additional wraps.
    How to use X-Treme Tape Maintain a constant stretch as you continue to wrap, making sure each new layer “half laps” onto
    the previous layer. These overlaps will fuse together.

      How to use X-Treme Tape Be certain the end of the final wrap is pressed down onto the prior wraps.
      Use less stretch on the final wrap.

      If applying multiple pieces of
       X-Treme Tape, always start the end of each new piece
      in contact with a prior wrap.

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