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Waterbuoy Summary

Rapid Activation
The unique patented trigger mechanism of the waterbuoy is designed to activate the device seconds after submersion in normal temperatures. This means your valuable won't drift or sink too far before they resurface. Underwater currents can carry things a long way from where you dropped them in a short time, and we aim to minimise the problems this can cause.The waterbuoy is also designed to minimise the chance of accidental activation. You don't want it going off if you get a bit of rain on it. During our exhaustive trials, we splash tested waterbuoy continually over 1 month. We then dropped it in a tank of water and it worked perfectly.

Lifts 1kg
Waterbuoy is the World's strongest miniature floatation device.Small as it is, the waterbuoy is very strong and will lift items up to 1kg of dry weight, and that's strong!That's why the waterbuoy can be used to protect so many of your valuable items, from keys, to cameras, to fishing tackle, the list of potential applications is endless. In addition, if your valuable is heavier than 1kg - attach two or more waterbuoys to it, they're small enough.

Visible at Night
Waterbuoy is the World's 1st and only miniature floatation device that's visible at night.More than 80% of items lost overboard are lost in less than perfect light. Usually when loading or unloading the boat in the early morning or late in the evening, as well as being a nightmare for night fishermen.

Floats for 24 Hours
Designed using a special balloon and seals, the waterbuoy stays afloat for 24 hours, flashing away, giving you plenty of time to find and recover it - day or night.

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