UCO Micro Lantern Red

UCO Micro Lantern Red
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UCO Micro Lantern Red Summary

The Micro Lantern is a tealight lantern that also collapses for compact storage just like the Original Candle Lantern. It's perfect for taking along in your backpack as it compacts down to 2.5 inches in height. When you take apart the Micro Lantern to replace the candle, you will find one of its most innovative features—hidden in the base is space to store a second tealight candle. This allows you to carry enough tealights for 6-8 hours of light. The Micro Lantern is made with the same high quality as our other candle lanterns, it just happens to be a little lantern with a lot of light!

The Micro Lantern: A little lantern with a lot of light!

•Collapses down to 2.5″ in height
•Lightweight, yet durable, aluminum construction
•Glass chimney
•Carrying handle and hanging bail
•Tealight candle holder
•Spare tealight candle stores inside base
•Twist-lock base
•Tealight candles are widely available and economical
•Compatible with Leave No Trace ethics
•Dimensions: 3.5″ high x 2.25″ diameter, 9cm high x 6cm diameter
•Closes to: 2.5″ high x 2.25″ diameter, 6.5cm high x 6cm diameter
•Weight (w/ 2 candles): 4.2 oz., 118g
•Candle: Tealight candle with 3-4 hour burn time

Using Candle Lanterns
The image of a glowing tent in the wilderness night, stars and moon overhead, is an appealing one. With a little common sense a UCO Candle Lantern is as safe in a tent as other light sources, and much more appealing and economical. A Candle Lantern produces warmth in a tent while reducing condensation—try that with a headlamp! Always ventilate the tent adequately, keep the heat shield away from tent walls, and keep the burning candle within sight. The result is a warm tent, plenty of light to read by, and your headlamp's batteries are preserved for those times when you really need them.

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