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Titanium pillCap™

Titanium pillCap™

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Titanium pillCap™ Summary

The new Titanium pillCap™ design to makes traveling with small items more convenient. You can use it for pills, batteries, fish hooks, or other small items that you need to carry with you.

The cap is securely sealed by silicon O-Rings. The hermetic seal ensures that whatever is inside will stay fresh and dry.

Titanium or stainless steel split ring (not included) can be attached to your keychain, neck chain, lanyard - or simply slip it inside your pocket or purse – and your medications (or other small items) will always be handy and protected.

Made from 6AL4V titanium
Overall length: 39mm
Outer diameter: 14mm
I.D. ~11.5mm
Inner depth: 30mm
Weight: 12.1g

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