Titanium Straw

Titanium Straw
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Titanium Straw Summary

Titanium Drinking Straw

Think of all the straws that bend and break in their packaging, or refuse to puncture your juice box.

Go Green! - Help reduce environmental impact on our planet by reducing the consumption of disposable plastic drinking straws.

Juice boxes will shudder and beverages everywhere will quake in fear when they see your new Titanium Straw.

Three or more reasons why you need a Titanium Straw.
1) titanium is tasteless and odorless, which means it won't affect your beverage's taste.
2) it has very low thermal conductivity, which means your Titanium Straw will resist getting too cold or too hot (depending on your beverage of choice)
3) it is super strong and light weight, which means you can stab it right into the fruit you wish to drink.

Made of grade 2 titanium, which is tasteless, odorless, does not corrode, is non-allergenic (to most of the world), and has an excellent weight to tensile strength ratio.

Dishwasher safe. Please wash before first use!

Inner Diameter: 0.2inch
Outer Diameter: 0.25inch
Length: approx. 6inch
Weight: 16g

Length:  OD: .250 ID: .200

Made from Titanium (GR2)

Ultra lightweight and extra sturdy.

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