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Titanium Split Rings

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Titanium Split Rings Summary

These Aerospace Quality Solid titanium split ring are light weight, non magnetic and offer the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Impervious to salt water corrosion. Ultra light weight but 6X stronger than stainless steel.
Can be used on any number of items you wish to keep secure. Use them for paracord lanyards to hold your pocket flashlights, extra keys, pocket knives, GPS and much more.

Available sizes (OD):
15mm, 32mm, 25mm
and exclusively at Survival Depot 18mm

 Note: These rings do not have the memory of common split rings and can and will permanently deform if opened too much. This is especially the case with this small 15mm Split ring.
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5 product stars
Chunky - Miles - 24/07/2012
It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the 32mm ring I bought is somewhat thicker and less rounded than the steel ring it replaced, which made it a bit difficult to get some of my keys on. This isn't really a flaw with the split ring, just something to be aware of.