Titanium Pry Bar

Titanium Pry Bar
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<strong>5.25 INCH INCH ALL TITANIUM MULTIFUNCTIONAL FLATBAR<br /> <br /> The smallest "pocket-tool" version of&nbsp; NEW Titanium Flatbars,&nbsp; FB5 multi-tool is strong and tough for its smaller size, and has a circular saw wrench in the "arch". <br /> For pulling trim, light prying and stripping, opening cases.<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <br /> 1.7 Oz solid super light Titanium bar<br /> Circular saw wrench in arch<br /> Box cutter edge on straight end<br /> Built-in bottle opener<br /> Two separate Pat. Pending "multi-fulcrum" finish nail pullers - design increases leverage<br /> <br /> <br /> Dimensions:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;5.25" (133mm) x 1.50" (38mm) x 1.50"&nbsp;<span style="font-weight: normal;"><strong>(38mm)</strong></span><br /> Weight:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;1.7 (49gr) Oz<br /> </strong>

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