The Pocket Duct Tape

The Pocket Duct Tape
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The Pocket Duct Tape Summary

Duct tape has and will always be considered the universal tool. You can fix just about anything with it, if only you have it with you when you need it. A roll's too big to fit easily in your first aid kit or your tool box, let alone your wallet -- or your pocket -- so that's why  Pocket Duct has been created. Just enough to temporarily stop a leak, make a make-shift splint or to hold a bulky bandage in place, fix a raft, hang up a sign, or bundle some pipes, Pocket Duct fits easily anywhere.

Designed to be the most convenient duct tape on the market, the 2" X 18" strip of industrial strength tape is sized like a credit card. The sealed package keeps the tape dry and fresh until use. It even has a removable backing (like an adhesive bandage) that gives the user total control of the fix -- no more of the dreaded WAD!

The Pocket Duct is duct tape -- unwound. Instead of coming on a bulky roll, Pocket Duct is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Small enough to fit in you pocket, your wallet, your glove compartment, or you emergency first aid kit, it means you'll never have a good excuse for not having duct tape with you when you need it.
When we say Pocket Duct it is "unwound," we mean that it comes on a removable paper liner (like a bandage) so it's easy to apply. Others have offered duct tape in "flat packs," but the problem with them is the tape sticks to itself, and, over time, it turns into a gooey mess. The liner on Pocket Duct, combined with the individual wrapping, ensures the tape stays fresh for a long time.

Pocket Duct is a 2" x 18" strip of industrial grade duct tape.
It's carefully folded and packaged, at a size of 2" x 2".
So no matter where you need it - the fix is in your pocket.

Colour may vary
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5 product stars
does the job - keith - 07/04/2012
ok i know 2 quid for 18 inches of tape sounds a bit daft but the way it comes packaged with the backing paper makes total sense to me and prevents the tape adhering to itself rendering it either frustrating to get off or entirely useless. the tape comes in a little snap bag to keep it dry and is folded totally flat to take up no room. very handy for temporary repairs to tent poles and all that camping related stuff.

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