The Mini Ti Whistle

The Mini Ti Whistle
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The Mini Ti Whistle Summary

ALL Titanium Mini Whistles.

Precision Machined from solid 6AL-4V Ti Rod with a Ti Cap added, these little guys are light and LOUD!

1-3/8" Long
0.3/8" Diameter.

Split Ring is NOT  included.

Please note:
Due to unique design of the whistle, during the use the whistle has to be turned 90 degree to allow air to escape.The air hole must face eather lef or right insted of up/down.

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Customer Reviews
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2 product stars
Too small for easy use - Dave - 27/03/2016
There is no question that this is a beautifully engineered piece, however, it is just too small to easily use. The users lips prevent the air from escaping, its defo not a reliable option imho.

5 product stars
Great little whistle - Ludwell01 - 20/01/2012
Not cheep but really nicely made and pretty loud to boot. Brilliant on the end of a lanyard attached to a knife or torch. For an idea of scale You can see one in this britishblades thread with some other objects