Swiss Advance Neptune Fork

Swiss Advance Neptune Fork
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Swiss Advance Neptune Fork Summary

Neptune's BBQ Fork
Grilling Tool for Meat, Fish and Vegetables

The Neptune‘s Grill Fork is the perfect tool for anyone who loves the smokey flavour of food cooked over an open campfire. Just slide any stick onto the grill fork, spear your favorite meat or vegetable, and the bbq fork will hold it securely in position for a perfect evenly cooked meal.

Not only can you spike your food, you can also position it under the clamp handle, which means you can grill all kinds of food. Another advantage is that the grill fork is symmetric in its rotation, meaning you can evenly grill and turn food without the risk of it falling off.

Size 166 x 61 x 1 mm
Weight 30 g
Material Stainless spring steel

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