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Suspension Clip Tool

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Suspension Clip Tool Summary

Stainless Steel Suspension Clip Tool

Small flashlights, pocket knives, thumbdrives, they all add up to make a nice big lump at the bottom of your pockets. Not only does it look strange, but it also wears out the material around the bulge adding to the problem.

-Suspension Clip
-Money Clip
-Bottle Oppener
-Flat Screw Driver/Pry Bar

Length 68mm
Width 19mm
Weight 25g

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knock off mega dangler - AA - 17/08/2015
This is a knock off of a much finer design, the Munroe Knives Mega Dangler, which is made in titanium. Get one if you can. Fraction of the weight and thickness.

4 product stars
A nifty little bit of kit - WildPath - 03/08/2012
Arrived a couple of days after ordering and have to say first impressions are all good. Originally couldn't decide between this and the Tec pocket clip. Ended up with them both and have to say they are two very different things. For me this is way too big for a pocket would work well as a belt clip or as I will probably end up using it as a money clip. Since buying it I have found something in the design and build satisfying to hold. My only gripe is that with a little more thought a few more tools could have been added into it.