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SOL Fire Lite™ with Tinder-Quik™

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SOL Fire Lite™ with Tinder-Quik™ Summary

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Fire Lite With Tinder-Quik - 2011 Edition

The Fire Lite is tested for over 5000 sparks! Waterproof/windproof Tinder Quik burns for up to two minutes.

Weight:  0.32 oz.
Size: 2.33" x 0.25"

Fire Lite Details

The Fire Lite is a one-hand-operable firestarter that is easy to use and produces a powerful shower of sparks. Tested for over 5000 sparks. Waterproof/windproof Tinder Quik ignites from a single spark and burns for up to two minutes.

Fire Lite Features & Benefits

  • Fast Ignition
    Waterproof Tinder Quik ignites with a single spark, burns up to 2 minutes.
  • Point and Shoot
    Easily aim spark directly at tinder with 1-handed striker.
  • Start Campfires and Camp Stoves
    Tested to produce over 5,000 sparks.
  • Warmth in any Weather
    Sparks in all conditions, at any altitude.
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