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SERE Ceramic Blade v2

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SERE Ceramic Blade v2 Summary

2nd Generation.
This could well be the ultimate last ditch blade.
The Ceramic Razor Blade is totally non-metallic, made from Zirconia ceramic, a super-hard material that is extremely wear-resistant.
This covert blade with a chisel-grind edge is designed for cutting tape, ropes, etc.
The blade has a lanyard hole.

Size: 30mm x 10mm

Thickness: 0.7mm
Weight: 0.8g

Made in USA
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5 product stars
Blink and you'll miss it, - Marc - 26/04/2016
Wow!! This little fella is so small i had to check the envelope to make sure it was included with my order! Looking for something small to be hidden on you? Looking for something non metalic ideal for passing through metal detectors? Then this is honestly the blade for you! Ok so it won't be your go to blade out in the field but at roughly the size of a razor blade (and sharpness) you know you can carry it on you when travelling abroad and it wont set off the metal detectors. This is a MUST for any sere kit