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Rabbit & Squirrel Snares

Rabbit & Squirrel Snares

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Rabbit & Squirrel Snares Summary

Rabbit Snare
These snares are made to the highest standard using high quality brass snare wire and brass eyelet.
Made with 6 ply brass rabbit wire.
The snares are ready for use on fence wires or on rabbit snare tealers.
Snares are 22.5 inches long.

Squirrel Snare
As rabbit snare but made with 4 ply brass rabbit wire instead of 6 ply.
These snares can be used for rabbits or squirrels, they have a slightly quicker action than the 6 ply, but should not be used in winter when larger and heavier rabbits are expected to be caught.
Snares are 22.5 inches long.

Note: For emergency use only.

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