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Straight Widgy Pry Bar
Straight Widgy Pry Bar
The Straight Widgy is made to fill the high demand for a customizable widgy bar which you can sharpen into your own EDC tool. These Compact Bars are 4"...
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5 product stars
4" Widgy Bar - Paul - 24/03/2015
I must admit, I'm a fan of pocket pry bars. For camping, bushcraft etc. There are a hundred uses for a pry bar. If you don't have one you end up using your knife instead. And damaging it. This little pry bar is the nicest I've seen. The design is utterly simple, functional and neat. It's just big enough to do the job and small enough to put in the utillity pouch on your knife sheath. Where it really wins out is outstanding quality of the steel. First impresions are that it's indestructable. At 18.80 +p&p it's cheap insurance for your expensive knife blade!! Buy one!

5 product stars
very happy - keith - 04/07/2012
i got the biggest version of the three which comes in at around 4 inches long.the bar is slim which is good for sticking in a maxpedition organizer and is very strong for its size. why trash your tools when this fine little wrecking bar will handle things perfectly for you!

5 product stars
More useful than it looks - Andy Cannon - 01/02/2012
I've seen these about for ages on the Internet but not really had a use for one. I bought one to bulk out on order on survival depot and two weeks later I found its purpose. I was trying to open an old PC case on a client site and it was stuck shut with oily dust. The Widgy Pry Bar got it open way more easily than a screwdriver would have and with less chance of me slipping and hacking a chunk out of my hand!