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PALight Survival
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PALight Survival Summary

The PALight Survival L.E.D. Flashlight
US Military Approved , rugged L.E.D. flashlight with FIVE important built-in features ~ totally unique.
No other flashlight has all these FIVE features:
(1) Compact palm size (weighs just 3oz)
(2) Fixed focus, strong High Beam
(3) Ultra-long battery life (see table below)
(4) Rugged, with anti-roll, sure-grip rubber casing(Meets US Military 'Drop-on-Concrete' specification.
(5) 3 Built-in additional personal safety lighting modes(Fast-find Permanent Constant Glow * Power-save* Emerency Strobe ~ tested visible from 2 miles)

Never search for your flashlight in the dark again
The unique Permanent Glow Mode, which glows for up to 2 years on a 9-volt battery ensures you will find your PALight fast ~ vital in emergencies

Battery Life

Mode Times

9-Volt Glow Power Save High Beam Location Strobe
Standard 9v 1 year 80 Hr 20 Hr 80 Hr
Duracell Ultra
(or similar)
2 year 160 Hr 30 Hr 160 Hr

Free lanyard included for times when you need to have your flashlight on a lanyard.
Each Safe-Light flashlight has a lanyard attachment point.
The Survival’s fold-away D-ring lanyard attachment in its base makes the light shine slightly forward when hanging on a lanyard. 

Optional Red Alert Cone.
A useful accessory for the Survival is the Red Cone that slots into the rubber case over the lens, shown here. In strobe mode, the Survival becomes a visible warning light to oncoming traffic, and attracts roadside assistance. It is recommended a red cone is kept in your auto with the Survival. The Red Cone is also very useful when placed in Strobe Made at the entrance to your home to help new friends to find you ~ and also emergency services, should you need them in a hurry. Survivals strobe for many, many hours on a fresh battery.

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