Numyth Aether Titanium Toothpick

Numyth Aether Titanium Toothpick
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Numyth Aether Titanium Toothpick Summary

Numyth Aether Titanium Toothpick with Integrated Capsule

The Numyth Aether Titanium Toothpick was developed to answer no pressing question or customer demand. It was made simply because we thought it would be really cool to have a titanium toothpick on our keychains or in our pockets.  Titanium is pricey and hard to machine, but it makes an ideal toothpick material since it does not react to bodily fluids like saliva.

Since a toothpick by itself would stab you in the leg over and over, the Aether has an integrated capsule that keeps the pointy end tucked away until you need it. Both ends of the capsule are threaded and removable, allowing you to expose either a small amount of the toothpick's business end or the majority of the body. The toothpick itself is also threaded into the capsule to keep it in place while you get that last pick of sirloin out of your teeth.

The design is very spartan, with no markings anywhere on the toothpick or even the packaging.  The Aether is meant to be a simple, lightweight gentleman's accessory.

Please note that while the toothpick itself is made of titanium, it is very thin and should not be used with any excessive force. It will bend if you try to bend it, but it will also bend back when you try to bend it back. We do not recommend trying to bend it as repeated stress can damage the toothpick.  Also, because of the minute design, the caps can loosen over time while jostling around in your pocket.

  • Toothpick and capsule feature titanium construction
  • Stainless steel split ring
  • Metal tin gift packaging
  • Capsule length:  2 1/2"
  • Capsule width:  3/32"
  • Toothpick length:  2 3/8"
  • Toothpick width:  1/16"
  • Total weight:  0.2 oz

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