Nagatac Fire Starter

Nagatac Fire Starter
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Nagatac Fire Starter Summary

NAGATAC Flintstick Fire Starter
This newly introduced ferrocerium fire starter has unique design of triangle-shape striker that triples the life-time of fire striker.
The striker is made of D9 tool steel that offers excellent durability (over 50 Rockwell).

Durable, rugged, waterproof.
Attachable to keyring and pocket carry
Lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum body and D9 tool steel striker striker hardened to >50HRC
Two Spare O-rings and one spare ferrocerium rod are included.

Now available in Three colours: Gun Metal, Black and Bronze

Size: 82mm x D10mm,
Weight 20g

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Customer Reviews
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2 product stars
NAGATAC Flintstick - Michal Gonda - 25/05/2013
Compact size, also i can make good strike out of it, but, i bought it because i thought i can replace the ferorod after i finish one. It was mistake. Despite the fact i got one more rod i cannot unscrew older one. And i used heavy tools, still nothing. So my advice, go for another brand where you have at least some guarantee it will meet the promised features.

4 product stars
NAGATAC Flintstick Fire Starter - Black - Michael Hague - 20/05/2013
I got this as it looked like a good design. It s a perfect size for a key ring attachment, small pocket carry or back pack item. Now the question is 'IS IT ANY GOOD' As its small it s hard to get a good strike from it the first time, however once mastered, I now get a spark/fire from it every time. The trick is to shave of bits of the flint stick into the tinder before you make your strike and ensure that you have the right tinder that lights easily. So it s a perfect spare emergency fire lighter once you get used to it. However I do not think it would be any good as your main carry only fire starter as its too small. However as said it s a perfect emergency backup extra fire starter, small, compact and water tight, so I give it a 4 star rating as it s a bit difficult to use due to it s size.