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Micro Paracord

Micro Paracord

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Micro Paracord Summary
It looks & feels just like regular paracord, but is a lot thinner; meaning that you can reduce the bulk by about 1/2 for the same functionality.
Even though it's significantly thinner, it still handles well.
The strength is 100 lb. test-more than strong enough for typical camp duty.

Diameter of 1.8mm (+/- 0.1mm) 
Break Strength of over 100 pounds
100ft Spools
UV Resistant 
Colours won't bleed or run when wet 
Low Shrink & Stretch Rate 
Tight Nylon Outer Sheath 
Single Tight Twist Inner Core 
Mildew & Rot Resistant 
Available in 3 colours
100% Made in the USA 

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