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Kevlar® Thread

Kevlar® Thread
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Kevlar® Thread Summary

This Genuine Kevlar® Thread Is The Strongest Synthetic Fiber In The World With <1% Static Stretch. 

These 50 Yard Spools Of NATURAL YELLOW Colored Kevlar® Are Perfect For Emergency Clothing/Tent Repairs, Snares/Tripwires, Craft Projects And Untold Other Uses.

One of the STRONGEST Threads you can buy!
Kevlar is bullet-proof vest material
(Don't try to break this stuff with your hands, it will probably cut you!)


Made in USA

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5 product stars
- Marka - 12/07/2011
This threat is sensational, it is very very thin so can be used for fine detailed work, but best of all it can easily & quickly multiplied up through the same needle hole & used for an emergency repair of a rucksack (or any other heavyweight item). As a mountaineer, I have been repairing my own outdoor equipment/rucksacks/tents for well over 25 years; this is by far the most useful/versatile thread I have come across. Make it part of your EDC kit!!!

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