Glow Fob Pellet Kit

Glow Fob Pellet Kit
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Glow Fob Pellet Kit Summary

TEC Accessories Glow Fob Pellet Kit

The TEC Glow Fob Pellet Kit is for use with all TEC Accessories Glow fobs. By simply removing the o-ring at the bottom of the glow fob housing, you can exchange the standard glow pellet with one that you can make yourself (e.g. upgrade to Tritium vial). This do-it-yourself kit includes the necessary components to make your own replacement pellet, just click here to see what you can create!

This do-it-yourself kit includes:
  • 2 pellet blanks
  • 2 o-rings
  • 2 neoprene washers
  • Split ring
Note: the projects listed on the "Projects" tab also require some type of medium or object to install into the pellet. The materials suggested must be purchased separately from their respective sources listed.

Please note that images which include tritium vials are slightly brighter than how they appear in real life due to photo exposure variations.

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