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FSK: Fire Starting Kit

FSK: Fire Starting Kit

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FSK: Fire Starting Kit Summary

This is a compact self-contained fire starting kit designed with consideration of SAWC (Size And weight Constraints)
The Ranger Fire Flint (NSN: 5110-99-565-2549) is stored inside a 3¾ " / 9.5cm DCT (Deep Carry Tube)with 10 pieces of compressed Swedish Hammaro Stearin and Pulp Lighting Paper
The sparks produced from this compact mini-ferrocerium fire lighting toolcan reach temperatures of around 3,000° Centigrade.
The striker can also be used as an emergency saw or knife.

Weight: 42g

Once used the compressed pulp tinder can be replaced with Vaseline coated cotton balls.
For best results soak cotton balls in heated/liquified petroleum jelly (they will burn longer)

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2 product stars
much better alternatives out there - keith - 04/07/2012 14:51:50
looks good on paper but in reality not so good in practice. the fire steel is really small which i know may be handy for those with minimal spaces but proves to be a royal pain in the arse to get anything lit. the scraper digs large grooves into the steel which doesnt stand very far from the casing its in furthur complicating things. on the plus side the tube it comes in is good for filling with matches and the tinder supplied isnt bad. i wouldnt get another purely on the useless fire steel performance. ( i do have a full size one which does work without the above problems)

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