FQ Mil-Spec Speed Laces

FQ Mil-Spec Speed Laces
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FQ Mil-Spec Speed Laces Summary

When the SHTF in the middle of night, getting your boots on and fiddling with your laces can waste valuable seconds...

Triathletes often lace their running shoes with elastic shoelaces.
This allows them to pre-set the tension of the laces allowing to pull on the shoes without stopping to tie the laces.
Saving a few seconds of time during the bike-to-run transition. 

Our custom made version has been designed for the high speed, low drag operator... 

Mil-Spec Shock Cord (2 x 4ft lengths)
Available in Black, Tan and Coyote Brown
2 x ITW Nexus Cord Ends
2 x Twinhole Cord Lock

With FQ Mil-Spec Speed Laces taking your boots off is just as quick!

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5 product stars
Brilliant - Andy Cannon - 09/03/2012
Makes putting boots on a 30 second job. You can adjust the tightness of the laces all the way down then cinch the top to hold it in place. They don't loosen, I've not broken or frayed them yet (in a pair of Grafters Ambush boots). Call me a convert. Andy